Australian Deaf Games

The Australian Deaf Games is the pinnacle multi sports event for deaf people in Australia.  The Games give deaf people the opportunity to be exposed to a national competition format which promotes the development of Deaf sport.  Deaf Sports Australia (DSA) owns and manages this event.  It Involves up to 19 sports and now held every four years.  But while sport is central to the event, the Games also provide a major social and cultural festival for the whole Deaf community. The next Games will be held in Adelaide in 2016.

Deaf Sports Australia established an Australian Deaf Games Review Committee to review the event for future directions. The Review Group representatives were:

  • Bobbie Blackson – Chairperson
  • Cindy Cave – Secretariat
  • Phil Harper – DSA rep / 2012 ADG chairman
  • Tim Morgan – SDSO rep
  • Julie Lyons – SDSO rep
  • Gavin Balharrie – NDSO rep
  • Lisa Westwood – NDSO rep
  • Bryn Davies – Individual rep
  • Simon Glass – Individual rep

Below are a list of documents which includes the Review Group Overview for Future Games and its attachments which can be downloaded:

Download  ADG Template & Overview for Future Games

Download  2012 ADG Final Report

Download  ADG Games Survey Comparison Report

If you would like to obtain a copy of the comprehensive and detailed 2012 Australian Deaf Games report, please send your request to the DSA General Manager, Garry West-Bail via email

The Australian Deaf Games is one of the oldest ongoing deaf sporting events in the world.  The origins of interstate Deaf sport competitions can be traced back to 1895 when the Victorian Deaf cricket team travelled to South Australia for a friendly Deaf cricket match.

The first ‘Deaf Sports Carnivals’ were held as early as 1911 and continued regularly until the Games in it’s current format started in Sydney in 1964/1965.  Since then the Games have been held every 3 - 4 years with the 15th and most recent Games being held on the Gold Coast in January 2008.

“Deaf Carnivals” were held as early as 1911, but the Australian Deaf Games cities and dates are as follows:

1964/65 Sydney
1967/68 Melbourne
1979/71 Perth
1973/74 Brisbane
1976/77 Adelaide
1979/80 Sydney
1982/83 Melbourne
1985/86 Perth
1987/88 Brisbane
1991/92 Hobart
1993/94 Adelaide
1996/97 Canberra
2001 Perth
2003 Sydney
2008 Gold Coast
2012 Geelong
2016 Adelaide